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Large insulated box

Bag measurements: Inside - 28cm x 23.5cm x 7.5cm Outside - 29.5cm x 24.5cm x 10cm Internal Volume - 4.93L or approx 19.5 cups. Weight including ice pack - 775g Wondering if your lunch.

Insulated Box Liners 24 HOUR PROTECTION Instantly transform any box into an economical insulated thermal shipper. Space-saving Cool Shield gusseted liners ship and store flat. Protects overnight shipments of chocolate or pharmaceuticals. Preserves freshness, quality, taste and color. Leak resistant. Self-seal strip for hassle-free closing. It is insulated on the inside as well to. 1 offer from $41.00 Duct Outlet 12" x 12" Ceiling Box, w/ 10" Round Collar - Connects Register Vent and Diffuser HVAC 29 1 offer from $38.99 12" X 12" Adjustable AIR Supply Diffuser - HVAC Vent Cover Sidewall or Ceiling - Grille Register - High Airflow - White [Outer Dimensions: 13.75" w X 13.75" h] 102 19 offers from $25.50. Temperature-Controlled Thermal Packaging. Nordic Cold Chain Solutions offers a wide variety of insulated shipping containers that can meet just about any need. We not only provide sustainable shippers, but we also provide EPS coolers,.

Get Lunch Bag Insulated Lunch Box Large Tote Reusable Pouches Cooler Bag With Bilateral Mesh Bag & Front Pocket For Work School Office Picnic Travel Christmas Halloween Decorations Lunch Box 823H ....

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Many insulation bags for large outdoor well pumps and pressure tanks are manufactured with grommets positioned at the end near the opening. This way if the insulation bag is placed over a large outdoor well pressure tank it can be fastened to the bottom of the tank to pin it down and prevent the wind from uncovering it.

OPUX Large Insulated Lunch Box for Men Women, Leakproof Thermal Lunch Bag Cooler Work Office School, Soft Reusable Lunch Tote with Shoulder Strap, Adult Lunch Pail Kit, 18 Cans, Red. Add. $36.46. current price $36.46.

IPC will gladly provide samples for independent/customer testing. Box Size: 10" x 10" x 10". Insulators: 1″ EcoLiner insulated box liner and 1″ thick EPS cooler. Commodity: 500 ml bottle of nutrient-enhanced water beverage. Refrigerant Used:.

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